Гостиничный комплекс ДЖАЗ

Jazz Hotel
69600, Zaporozhiye, Chubanova Str, 2a
Tel. +38 (0612) 138358, +38 (061) 222-16-77

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Zaporozhye Hotel

Welcome to Zaporozhiye!
Welcome to Jazz Hotel!

Гостиница Джаз. Вход

Zaporozhye is an industrial city. Life here is on the run all day round – road bustle, industrial rythm of work, lights of the city. But starting with the moment you get to Jazz Hotel, all this becomes far and unfeasable. Because here in the hands of mighty Dnieper River and hugs of warm willows, in unusual aroma of fur-trees and pine-trees you will find the best place for rest and business meetings, for entertainment and health recovery, for celebration and pleasant holidays – and what can be better than harmony of man and nature?!

Our hotel is situated in Komunarov district of Zaporozhie only 15 minutes drive from the Bus Station and the Railroad Station, as well as from the central highway that makes our hotel slightly removed from the town but at the same time unbelievably accessible both for city dwellers and for city guests.

Гостиница Джаз. Парк

You can reach our hotel both by your own car and by a yacht: we have a very convenient berth and a standing place for your «water horse».

The territory of Jazz Hotel draws to enjoyable trips around beautiful and ecologically clean ranges which are full of flowering green and shady alleys. For those who like active rest we have a vast number of services: from fishing to horse riding.

We offer good rest for you, your friends and all your family. Our friendly personnel will suggest only best hotel rooms from standard level to de-luxe class. You will enjoy warm sand at a wild but affable beach, and for our small visitors we have a children playground.

Гостиница Джаз. Вид на профилакторий

Chief cook of Jazz Restaurant will astonish you with tasty courses by the recipes of the house.

You need a place to hold negotiations, a conference or seminars? Wonderful – come to our hotel. We will offer you the best conditions for making profitable contracts and holding effective trainings.

And we have something more for you! You can not only have a rest with us but to recover your health as well. Here you will find the complete set of preventive and cosmetic services. Jazz Sanatorium is at your service. A huge complex of medical and preventive procedures, physiotherapy exercises, traditional and alternative medicine.

Jazz Hotel in Zaporozhiye offers good leisure and recreation services

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