Гостиничный комплекс ДЖАЗ

Jazz Hotel
69600, Zaporozhiye, Chubanova Str, 2a
Tel. +38 (0612) 138358, +38 (061) 222-16-77

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Sports + rest in Zaporozhiye

Гостиница Джаз. Яхтинг Do you wish to make your body healthy, raise your energy and unite all this with the rest on banks of Dnieper? Jazz Hotel in tandem with health recovery and preventive sanatorium are what you need!

Do you like physical loadings? So the training center in Jazz Hotel is for you. Modern training equipment, skilled medical staff and trainers will help you effectively correct proportions of your body. Then visit a sauna with a pool and make your body relax, avoid over-tension and muscles strain.

Гостиница Джаз. Конный спорт

Horse ride is truly exciting adventure we recommend. If you are starting this science of horse riding our instructor will help you.

Reconstruction of tennis courts and an open swimming pool will be finished soon.

There is a sanatorium and health recovery center on the territory of Jazz Hotel. Our doctors have more than 20 years of successful preventive measures experience in cardiovascular and nervous systems, locomotorium, intestinal tract, gynaecological and urological illnesses cure with the assistance of traditional and alternative medicine. In our center you can have a complex of health recovery procedures: phytotherapy, aroma-therapy, mud envelopment and clay-therapy. Physiotherapy exercises, massage, underwater shower – this is uncomplete list of our sanatorium services. Call us and you will get detailed information about procedures and treatment in the sanatorium.

Гостиница Джаз. Территория комплекса

Price of dwelling in sanatorium:

  • single room
    USD 10 for a person per day

  • double room
    USD7 for a person per day

  • triple room
    USD2 for a person per day

Additional services value:

  • satellite TV: USD1 per day
  • TV: USD1 per day
  • refrigerator: USD1 per day
  • safe: USD1 per day
  • hair-drier: USD1 per day
  • iron: USD1 per hour

Jazz Hotel in Zaporozhiye offers good leisure and recreation services

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